Pharmacist Consultation

BHRT Consultations – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy consists of balancing your hormones by one on one consult with our trained specialized phamacist, Kelly Daniels, Pharm D. The consultation consists of reviewing the lab results, discussion of symptoms, etc…After consultation, a letter with an individual formula calculated especially for you is sent to your physician for signature. Once approved, the calculations are sent to our compounding lab to prepare your prescription.

Medical Weight Loss Program  Consultations –  – First step is initial exam with physician and blood work to assure you are healthy enough to complete program or identify any medical problems that may hinder your completion of  the program. Once approved, physician will need to submit results to Oakdell along with a prescription for the Dr. Simeon Protocol. We have approval sheets for the doctor to sign that will be faxed to us before the consultation.  Next, attendance to instructional class or one on one tutorial on the Simeon Protocol. This gives you a chance to learn all about the Simeon Protocol, the 500 calorie diet and how to give self injections. This is required before initiation program.  Private, one-on-one consultation with a pharmacist will assess a patient’s readiness to begin the program and address any questions or patient specific issues about the program. Evaluation, initial body measurements and body composition before proceeding.  Pre-Phase 3 consultation to teach the patient how to succesfully complete this very important step in ensuring that the weight does not return.

MTM Consultations – Oakdell Pharmacy’s Personal Medication Management Service consists of a pharmacist working to help the patient obtain the most beneficial outcomes from their medication. During the review, the pharmacist will actively manage the patient’s drug therapy by checking for lower cost alternatives, duplicate therapy, drug interactions, and monitor for side effects. The pharmacist will also assess the medication regimen for potentially unnecessary medications or necessary additional drug therapy options. This service is an excellent opportunity to reduce patient medication cost and prevent medication-related problems.

Contact Carolyn Sizemore at 614-6200, Ext.265 for further information.



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