Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hi Jeff Carson here, Compounding Pharmacist and Chief-of-Staff of Oakdell Pharmacy.

Let’s pretend that you need a new heart.

Which would you rather have, the mechanical heart, a pig heart, or a human heart? Sounds silly doesn’t it! So why is it that when men and women need hormone replacement therapy, that we most often give them a medication that not only is non-human, but is extracted from the urine of a pregnant horse?

You see, the pharmaceutical industry is a for-profit business, and the FDA doesn’t
allow naturally occurring substances from the human body to be patented. So
drug manufacturers intentionally seek out non-human substitutes to treat
disease and dysfunction of the human body. Wouldn’t it make more sense to give
human or bio-identical hormones to patients who are deficient in their
hormones? That’s exactly what a compounding pharmacist can do! To find out more
about this and other subjects, go to our website at www.oakdellpharmacy.com or call our
wellness center today at 210-614-6200.

We’ve been making it all better since 1969!

This is one of my favorite topics! A minute just doesn’t do it justice. Be sure to check out the section on hormone replacement therapy for more in depth articles and links to more information. This is one topic that is so controversial and so misunderstood, that the general public is simply ignorant to what is going on behind the scenes. This is a classic example where our healthcare system has failed miserably. The anology I gave during the TV airing of the pig heart is so simple yet so spot on when it comes to this topic. We have the technology today to “make” any hormone, chemical, and in some cases organs, tissues, and other body parts. We also have the capability to identify diseases and dysfunctions of the human that are a direct cause of a deficiency of a hormone, chemical, or other substance that is normally poduced in the human body. So if we know what the problem is, and we know what is missing from the human body, AND we can make that exact substance, what IS the problem? The short answer without writing a book is that the drug manufacturing system is a for-profit business. The average cost to bring a drug to market (meaning from discovery, thru testing, and then the FDA approval process) is $880 million dollars! And that doesn’t even include the profits the make from it either! Our FDA has ceratin restrictions on the manufacturing process. One of those restrictions is that you can’t put a patent on a substance found naturally in the human body. Te reason that this is important, is that without a patent on their “new drug”, someone could wait until they have paid the $880 million dollar price to develop the new drug and then copy it the day it is released for a fraction of the cost. In other words, drug manufacturers will NEVER seek FDA approval on something they cannot patent. So if you have depression because your serotonin levels are too low in your brain, we don’t give you serotonin do we. We give you a non-human substance that increases your levels but causes other undesirable effects in your body like lack of libido and weight gain. This is why when you are going through hormone deficieny issues (from PMS, infertility, perimenopause, to menopause, etc.) we give you non-human hormones that mimic your own hormones but have other less desirable effects like increased cancer risks, blood clots, mood swings, etc. Trust me! This problem is ten times worse than you just read! This is one of the worst disasters in modernday medicine! Let me know what you think!

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